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Jeremy Carver,Robert Singer and Mark Pedowitz 
"Bring back 'Sam and Dean against the world.'"
Longtime fans of Supernatural can remember a simpler time. Before angels and witches. Before Horsemen and prophets. A time when two brothers were united by a common goal, and it was Sam and Dean against the world.

In the seasons since finding their father and destroying their mother's killer, our favorite brothers have literally gone through Hell and back, and they've met a cast of interesting characters along the way. But throughout that journey, the boys have lost more than friends and allies; they've lost each other and, therefore, lost themselves. 

As Supernatural enters its eleventh season, loyal longtime viewers are yearning to have our boys back. Our boys who would do anything for each other. Our boys who used to be driven by a common goal before life and death and angels and Kings of Hell drove them apart. 

Sam and Dean against the world. That's what Supernatural is all about. 

Credit to Jac. For this beautiful summary.

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